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Progress Matrix

Contribution of the f.ize network to the German Progress Conference at the Gödelitz Estate, 15-16 October 2004

How can the individual concept of progress be rendered visible?

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n order to illustrate the wide spectrum of concepts of progress, we propose using a semantic differential, as proposed by the American psychologist Charles E. Osgood, who used it as a way of measuring the connotative meaning of concepts. The respondent is asked to choose where his or her position lies, on a scale between two bipolar adjectives. Respondents are given only a very short time to respond, forcing them to respond intuitively, and minimising possible distortions as they consider which response might be the desired one. The connotative dimension of the concept thus emerges.

It is important not to think too long when filling in the form, but to tick the boxes intuitively. We suggest that no longer than one minute be taken.

f.ize – forum internationale zusammenarbeit + entwicklung

A cooperation arrangement between the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation) and GIZ.

The forum aims to give individuals holding scholarships from this and other foundations, who are interested in development policy, the opportunity to discuss topical and fundamental issues in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development with practitioners from various fields and different organisations. The focus is intended to be on linking theory and practice. How does international cooperation for sustainable development work? What strategies are currently under discussion and how are they being implemented?

The questions are discussed regularly in small groups with decision-makers from the realms of politics, government, public and private organisations.

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