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Progress Salon

playground pieces
time for progress

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he Salon 13: Playground pieces – time for progress is an experiment that aims to explore the significance of the concept of progress here and now through play. Progress is taken as a reason to reflect on individual life concepts taking into account the past, the future and the fact that we are part of societal, political and cultural processes.

Within the scope of an interactive 'question circuit' the visitor is invited to take a creative look at the concept and to take part in a subsequent discussion. The individual thoughts and ideas to emerge are recorded in a book as a portrait of an atmosphere. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the international series of conferences 'The concept of progress in different cultures' organised by GIZ and the Goethe-Institut. The documentation of the Salon is part of the final conference to wind up the series at the end of November at GIZ Haus in Berlin.

The Salon series aims to provide a forum for relevant up-to-the-minute discussions, involving visitors and invited guests. The most important feature is the individual nature of each Salon evening, which consists of a symbiosis of the topic and the personal involvement of the hostesses.

The Salon was held on 3 November 2004 at Potsdam Technical University.

Concept and implementation

  • Clara Meister
  • Anna Schneider
  • Ulrike Seifert

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salon 13: playground pieces – time for progress
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The Progress Salon took place in the context of the conference in Germany.


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