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Zeitschrift für KulturAustausch I/2005

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Getting better

What sort of progress do we want?

Zeitschrift für KulturAustausch I/2005

Higher, faster, further – the scientific world sees progress as climbing. When we are discussing changes in culture, politics and society, by contrast, there are often innumerable different opinions about what will make life better. People in the west tend to see development as linear progress, whereas people in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America often beg to differ. Societies in which the community is more important than the individual in particular do not see the western concept of culture as being very attractive. But every individual too sees the future differently. Some are afraid of getting bogged down in the rut of tradition, while others are afraid of change. Reflecting about progress is really reflecting about happiness. Will we like where we are headed?

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Zeitschrift für KulturAustausch:
What sort of progress do we want?